Reward: A Summer Runner’s Throw-back

The “full-time” student portion of the Full-Time Tourist has been making it tricky for me to finish off the Revelstoke Series, so instead of making you suffer from a lack of bi-monthly blog posts, I’ve decided to participate in The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”

Every summer, my family and I would take our motorhome and drive 20+ hours to Hood River, Oregon. I haven’t visited my summer home since 2012, but on my last visit, I took this photo along the Columbia River at our go-to campground, Viento. Our family friends from California would go running along a path near the campground with my brother and myself, and this would be our view peeking out from between the trees that lined the trail:

Viento Campground, Oregon. 2012.
Viento Campground, Oregon. 2012.

Oh, how I miss those summer runs. Winter runs are equally fun as they usually involve doing runs down the ski slopes, but living in downtown Toronto means that the Rockies are now a 4-hour plane ride away.

Click the link to get caught up in the latest ski adventure in the Revelstoke Series. The final instalment should be out within the next two weeks! And don’t forget to click that “Follow” button to continue with me on my adventures as The Full-Time Tourist!

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