Passing for hipsters in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge

“Okay now class, we’re going to do a little activity this morning. I want you to scream out the first thing that pops into your head when- Hold on a minute Timmy! I haven’t told you what we’re talking about yet. (Pause) The first thing that pops into your head when you hear ‘New York City.’ Aaaand go!”

I think we can all agree that someone (besides Timmy who clearly yelled out something profane for a sixth-grader, like “Miss Norbury farted!”) would have yelled out Brooklyn, or at least the Brooklyn Bridge. As someone who avoids crowds at all costs, the Brooklyn Bridge was a surprisingly relaxing experience. And for this reason, Brooklyn was a nice break from the crazy go-go-go of South Manhattan.


Well that, and free donuts and gluten-free cookies.

Yeah. That’s when you realize that you’ve passed for a local Brooklyn hipster.

When a middle-aged man points at your boyfriend across the counter at the obscure bookshop where you bought five postcards and offers him a gourmet donut. Because what’s more hipster than fancy maple donuts? The blueberry donut because we’re aspiring vegans.

And for the young lady? Nothing because I’m gluten intolerant. Not to fear, he has something for that too. His wife is the same, so here’s some chocolate chip cookies he bought for her this morning. It’s okay though, his wife is getting a lemon poppyseed loaf, which is what she really wanted.

Have you ever passed for a hipster in non-second hand clothes and without your glasses that make you look like a librarian? Or is that only a Brooklyn thing? Let me know what you think below or on Twitter.


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